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“Struggling and suffering are the essence of a life worth living. If you’re not pushing yourself beyond the comfort zone, if you’re not demanding more from yourself – expanding and learning as you go – you’re choosing a numb existence. You’re denying yourself an extraordinary trip” – Dean Karnazes. Mantra Summits Challenge offers you a tough, challenging, raw trail running course climb up to the peak of Welirang, Arjuna, Kembar 1 and Puthuk Lesung. The elevation challenge is the essence of this race. The rocky trails, the bush, the waterfall, the sulphur smell in the peak of Welirang and the famous of Arjuna will mixed up with a magnificent view from the top and along your leg move. Mantra Summits Challenge entering its third year offers you more challenge from what we have before. Now offering you to indulge the 75K ultra trail running. It climb up 5500 m elevation gain with additional hills to conquer, Budug Asu and Mahapena. MANTRA Runners is the organizer of this ultra trail race. We are pack of ultra trail runners in Malang who love to explore the beauty, the hidden trails around home not everybody knows and in turn share it with you through this event. As runners as you are, we understand what you are seeking of, what you are expecting of in the ultra trail race like Mantra Summits Challenge. A well managed water station making sure your wellbeing to be taking care of and our fellow runners whom voluntarily will serve you with full heartedly hospitality is the major part of this race we really focusing on. You will find us with a unique Arema hospitality whom will treat you as a friend. We love to make a friendship. All those things make this race an extraordinary race. Run in Mantra Summits Challenge, Run Somewhere Extraodinary….

Race Event

14 -15 Juli 2018
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Location: Kaliandra Eco Resort and Farm – Pasuruan, East Java

How to get there:

FROM SURABAYA 63km / 1hr 45m

Own Transportation : Head towards Malang by using the Pandaan bypass. 1km after the bypass, you will arrive at Jetak junction. Turn right, in the direction of Villa Hortensia and then follow the Sign Boards showing the direction towards Kaliandra. We are located near the Taman Safari.

Public Transport : Take a bus en route to Malang. Alight at Pasar Palang. Continue journey by using ojek (taxi motorcycle) to Kaliandra. We are located next to Taman Safari.

FROM MALANG 45km / 1hr

Own Transportation : Heads towards Surabaya, in the direction of Pandaan. When you arrive at Pasar Palang, turn left towards Taman Safari. Upon reaching the 2nd entrance towards Taman Safari symbolise by two large white elephant tusks, turn right and follow the signage towards Kaliandra.

Public Transport : Take a bus enroute to Surabaya. Alight at Pasar Palang. Continue journey by using ojek (taxi motorcycle) to Kaliandra. We are located next to the Taman Safari.

Race Distance

15 Km
Distance: 16 Km / Elevation Gain: 943 m / Cut Off Time: 5 Hours
>> Download Maps
30 Km
Distance: 33,2 Km / Elevation Gain: 2789 m / Cut Off Time: 13 Hours
>>Download Maps
50 Km
Distance: 52.5 Km / Elevation Gain: 4189 m / Cut Off Time: 18 Hours
>>Download Maps
75 km
Distance: 72.9 Km / Elevation Gain: 5452 m / Cut Off Time: 24 Hours
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Race Fees

Registration Fee includes:

  1. Entry ticket to Kaliandra Eco Resort and Farm.
  2. Entry ticket TAHURA.
  3. BIB Number.
  4. Hoodie for all categories.
  5. Snacks, Fruits and drinks at Water Station.
  6. Finisher Medal (Under COT).
  7. Refreshment at the finish line. 


  1. That all registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions. You may not give or sell your BIB number to another runner – doing so may result in your disqualification and runners using your BIB number.
  2. If you would like to change the category, you will be charged Rp 100,000 change in addition to the difference in category fees.
  3. If the category downgrade, the difference in the registration fee will not be refunded.
  4. For questions about the registration of the race, please contact Mantra Summits Challenge admin.

Race Payment

Pay via Bank Transfer 

Transfer to BCA Account 3850580781 a.n Yotin Bayu Meryani / Vini Priardiyanti

Payment confirmation >>> click here

note: for Indonesians are advised to use bank transfer payments

(for Foreigner Only)

Pay with credit card via PayPal
Your Name:

How to Pay:

  1. Log in to your PayPal Account, fills in the credit card details  and then hit “pay now” botton. You will receive succesfull payment email from Paypal.
  2. If you don’t have paypal account, just sign up for free then follow the instruction above.

Payment confirmation >>> click here

Rules & Regulation

Many paths through the forest with animals and plants are protected. We hope the participants are cautious and follow the following rules:

  1. Prohibited sleep along the path and during the event. Hopefully the participants know their condition.
  2. If participants want to rest or sleep can be done at the Check Point / Water Station that has been provided.
  3. Stay on specified path.  There are several paths that do not allow to precede each other.
  4. Prioritize the safety of fellow participants.
  5. Prohibited from taking or damaging plants, animals and stones along the path.
  6. Do not cut the path to prevent further environmental damage. Please go through the specified path
  7. Do not litter
  1. If during race, you find the injured or ill participant or unable to continue their own race, please give help by helping the participant to go to the nearest check point.
  2. Please remain cautious on the track, especially on tracks that can not precede each other.
  3. Do not destroy anything contained along the path
  1. Drinks are available at all water stations.
  2. Snacks are available at the designated water station.
  3. Snacks and drinks are only available to the participants.
  4. Not allowed to wear pacer.
  5. The committee only provides depository on Venue, does not provide dropbag facility at any water station / check point
  1. There will be a health worker at some check points. However, it is recalled for the participants to know their respective health conditions and that in this race the risk for injury is great.
  2. Participants are responsible for their own safety.
  3. Evacuation is at the check point that has been determined.
  4. Please note, for evacuation at a place other than check point or water station will take time.
  5. Please check the health condition before the race, evidenced by a healthy certificate to follow this race (submitted to the committee at the time of registration).
  6. Please inform the committee if you have any health problems.
  7. Health Officers are entitled to disconnect participants who are unable to continue the race with regulation taking BIB participants (participants can take his BIB back at the end of the race)
  1. Participant supporters are only allowed to be at the check point unless there is an emergency.
  2. The participants’ support personnel shall comply with the directives and regulations of the committee.
  1. The path will be marked with other ribbons / markers.
  2. There are several marshalls along the path.
  3. The path marker will be installed before the race and will be picked up immediately after the specified COT in each Check Point
  1. If the participant wants to resign from the race please inform the nearest officer.
  2. Officer will take the BIB of the resigned participant (Participants may take his BIB back at the finish line, after the COT time).
  3. Participants who have decided to resign from the race, can not continue the race again.
  1. Course map.
  2. Personal folding glass.
  3. Bag with Water bladder with minimum capacity (1,5L)*.
  4. Snacks and / or heavy meals.
  5. 2 pcs of lighting/headlight with spare batteries*.
  6. Survival blanket*.
  7. Long tight pants/ pants
  8. Whistle.
  9. Personal medical aid box.
  10. Gloves.
  11. Waterprof running jacket (for category 30K and 50K).
  12. Mobile phone (because some spots have signal).
  13.  Accident and Life insurance for the participant’s own awareness and base layer/light raincoat (RECOMMENDED).

* Will be checked at a particular check point, otherwise we will CUT your result time 30 minutes per gear.

  1. Cutting lanes or using transportation helps.
  2. Not carrying the equipment must bring (will be checking the equipment must take it at the check point determined by the committee).
  3. Littering.
  4. Use support personnel outside the check point or water station.
  5. Use unregistered pacers as participants.
  6. Continue the race after the COT has been specified at each check point.
  7. Using doping or drugs
  1. Participants must waer BIB number on the front of the body.
  2. Participants must complete the path that has been determined independently.
  3. Participants are required to bring the required compulsory carrying equipment.
  4. Participants realized it would run all day and night through the mountain paths.
  5. Participants have been practicing before the race.
  6. Participants realize that throughout the race will be choked by very cold temperatures at night, the hot sun in the daytime, strong winds and other problems that may arise Participants are aware of the AMS (Altitude Mountain Sickness)
  1. Race is open to the public, men and women at least 18 years of age or older on race day-for adolescents under 18 years old, we need statements from parents.
  2. The 50K participant was asked at least to have completed Full Marathon 42km or more.
  3. 30K participants are required to at least complete Half Marathon or more.
  4. 15K participants do not need certain conditions of origin in a healthy state at the time of the race It is advisable to study the map / elevation gain / and cut of time before enrolling (for 30K and 50K, as it really will be different from running on asphalt / road).
  5. The Committee reserves the right to approve or reject applicants who do not meet the above criteria.

Because the trail path used does not allow the EVACUATION POINT, we hereby enforce CUT OF TIME in some Water Station:

  1. Category 30K: WS 1 Pondok Welirang (km 9) COT 5 Hours.
  2. Category 50K: WS 1 Pondok Welirang (km 9) COT 5 Hours. If it exceeds the COT limit, the participant is not allowed to continue the race and must return to the starting point – finish in Kaliandra.
  3. WS3 Wonorejo (km 29) COT 13 Hours 30 minutes. If it exceeds the COT limit participants are not allowed to continue the race and will be evacuated simultaneously to the finish line at Kaliandra.

NOTE: If a participant exceeds the COT limit set by the committee but still insists on continuing the race and ignores the rules given by the committee, the committee is entitled to take the participant’s BIB number and disqualify from the MSC event. The committee is not responsible for the evacuation and safety of the participants.

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